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Collaboration with Chalon Performance Consulting

MBizM Group announces joint collaboration with Chalon Performance Consulting

Chalon Performance Consulting.

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, 11th May, 2015 – MBizM Group, the Lean Six Sigma training and consulting firm in Malaysia, announces a joint collaboration with Chalon Performance Consulting (CPC), an Australian Management Consulting firm that prides itself in delivering customized solutions in performance culture, strategy, change, leadership and team development.

The two consulting firms will combine their expertise, tools and techniques to provide their clients with a more enhanced training and consultation package. In this new integrated approach, MBizM will provide Lean Six Sigma strategy, methodology, specialized training and project management, whereas CPC will provide the framework for strategy planning, change management and diagnostic tools and facilitation to give potential clients a more comprehensive way on how they can perform better in their projects.

This joint collaboration is beneficial to both parties as their methods and techniques are complementary to each other. Lean Six Sigma, while making business processes more efficient and consistent, lacks in terms of diagnosing the correct issues that limit organizations in performing to their fullest potential. In addition, CPC will also help MBizM in understanding the basics in company culture diagnosis, as well as assessing and deploying the correct people in regards to the clients’ respective needs and conditions.

This integrated new approach is proven and unique. Both Lean Six Sigma process improvement and CPC Framework are time-tested in producing significant improvements in a client’s business practice. More importantly, it is not offered anywhere else except in this joint collaboration. This approach will help organizations to change their performance culture extensively. One feature that is apparent in this approach is the application of world class tools in exploring the issues and challenges within the organization, with the organization culture being the primary focus. This approach also provides precise diagnosis, thorough people selecting methods, fully-developed strategies, and execution via change management practices.

Spearheading this venture is Cliff Chalon, Managing Director of Chalon Performance Consulting. He has nearly 30 years’ experience on Consulting, Facilitation, Training and Coaching across several industry sectors; particularly with the global companies situated in the Asia-Pacific region. Moreover, he works extensively with global heads, senior leadership teams and technical specialists in both national and global organizations across the Asia Pacific Region. In addition, he specializes in delivering tangible performance improvements through the use of precise diagnostics and customized development solutions. He has a solid reputation as a highly skilled consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach that provides clients with solutions that bring about real performance gains in their effort to improve their business.

MBizM offers a range of Lean and Six Sigma training and consultancy programmes, as well as MBizM’s very own patented specialised skills training. By taking waste out of the equation and lessening the defects that occur along the process flow, MBizM’s acclaimed Lean Six Sigma programme improves the quality and profitability of a given organization. CPC, on the other hand, provides the diagnostics of issues in need of prompt attention, the facilitation of workshops activities and their subsequent follow-ups, in the workplace that ensures transfer of learning to help clients to achieve their desired performance level. The powerful CPC framework provides an empirical ‘lens’ that helps organizations to find opportunities for improvements and achieve higher performance levels and ultimately a high-performance culture.

Chalon Performance Consulting will also help MBizM Group establish a solid foundation in the Australasia region. In this new unique approach, CPC will develop materials for the workshops whereas MBizM will provide the contents for the Lean and Six Sigma sessions. Interested organizations and individuals are invited to contact us for an obligation-free presentation on how our collaborative approach can build and sustain tangible performance improvement.

For further enquiry, visit www.mbizm.com.au or www.chalonpc.com.au


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