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Accreditation from Council for Six Sigma Certification

MBizM Group Receives Accreditation from the Council for Six Sigma Certification


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 12, 2015 –(—MBizM Group (Meridian Biz Management), is proud to announce that it is now accredited by the Council for Six Sigma Certification, acknowledged globally as one of the most respected professional accreditation body within the Lean Six Sigma industry. MBizM group operates in Malaysia and Australia that specialises in Lean and Six Sigma Training. Its Australian branch operates under the name Lean Sigma Experts Australia. With this accreditation, both entities registered in Malaysia and Australia are recognised by the Council for Six Sigma Certification.

The Council was founded in 2005, in the interest of ensuring that all individuals that have been, and are about to be certified with Six Sigma to be completely exposed to the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge (BOK), and meet the minimum standard of proficiency for Six Sigma and its implementation. To achieve this, it is necessary that all training or certification providers to meet specific criteria in both their educational and testing requirements.

Training providers that have received the Council’s accreditation undergo continuous and stringent reviews and monitoring to ensure that they remain compliant to the extensive checklist required. This is to ensure that certified individuals receive consistent and absolute exposure to the Six Sigma body of Knowledge.  The accreditation is beneficial to MBizM, as it affirms the fact that MBizM offers competent and credible both Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma training throughout the world, considering the Council is, in fact, one of the most respected global accreditation body, being recognized in 165 countries.

The accreditation for the Six Sigma Council Certification is based on a three-part process. The first part of this process is the course curriculum step. Training providers are expected to have a minimum number of course completion hours for their Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt programs for both Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma. They are then expected to apply different course structures, respective to the level of belt each of their student is undertaking. Finally, training providers are then required to test the comprehension level of the full Body of Knowledge for each of their students’ respective programs.

Both MBizM and their potential clients may benefit from this newly-acquired accreditation. Through the rigorous standardizing of the programs that is offered by MBizM, clients are assured to gain proficiency in using and applying the tools embedded in Lean Six Sigma. MBizM, on the other hand, benefit from this integration of accreditation by increasing the quality and practicality of the programs that they offer. This will, in turn, attract more potential clients to attend training under the supervision of MBizM.

Source: MBizM Sdn. Bhd. – Press Release


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